Monday, July 22, 2013

Indie Bath and Beauty Suppliers
Along with the names there will be letters after them. Here's what they mean:
HP- High Price
MP- Medium Priced
LP- Low Priced
V- Vegan
HTF- Hard to Find (Doesn't Stock Often)


Ador Beauty- (Makeup) MP-HP

Big T Ranch Soaps- (Candles) MP
Gem City Tiffany- (Makeup) LP
Gingerick Soap- LP to MP
Glow Cosmetics- (Makeup) LP-MP

Haus of Gloi- LP to MP
Hope and Mia- LP to MP
Hopes Soap- MP to HP


Lumikki- (Makeup) LP
Lynnburg Lane- LP to HP
Me and the Boy- LP to HP, V
Paintbox Soap Works- L to MP

Sweet Therapy- MP to HP
Tater Rounds Beauty- (makeup) LP to MP
The Sacred One- MP ot HP
Whipped Upp- MP to HP


Yeti Rose- LP